Pinterest Traffic Tips
How To Get More Traffic On Pinterest

There are many elite pinterest users that are funneling lots of traffic from pinterest to their websites. There are still many rooms for new bloggers if you want to tap this traffic source i am going to teach you right stratergies today. Most people are not using pinterest effectively so they are lossing lots of potential hits that they may get if they do things in right way.

Use Article Pin Instead of normal Pin

Pinterest has introduced new kind of a pinning before they have launched rich pins and many other customized pins but this time they have focus on especially for articles which they called as “article pins” with this new pins they have expanded with more details,

In brief whenever you pin some article now it will show more broader information such as headlines, description and link to the source. The company beliefs that it will improve the usability of the website, before this update when users pinned something it only extract photos but now it has extended into much better content rich pins.

So, if you have a pinterest business account you can start using this new feature as it has more broader information it will definitely going to increase the ctr of your pinned stuff and since people know what they going to expect when they click on the link will improve conversion overall.  BuzzFEED is known to use pinterest effectively and after this “article pin” they have doubled up the traffic from pinterest which they usually use to get before.

Always Pins Quality Stuff

Good pins always make an impact if you frequently pinned good stuffs then you can get more followers conversions as it will boost your overall quality post you make and overtime this will get more repins because of your loyal fan base but each negative stuffs hurt your fan base and will do just the opposite, so be sure to pin good stuffs and I would also want to lift a myth about pinning more. If you pin more content doesn’t mean you will get more followers because it is not about quantity but it’s about the quality so maybe you pin couple of times a day you will get more referral traffic then someone pinning vigorously.

Know The Content Get Goes Viral

Melanie Duncan a pinterest experts claims that not all content generate equal buzz on this social media giant you have to analyse what works and what don’t, if you have idea to find out what works then you can effectively generate more traffic from pinterest she has revealed lots of trending topics in her power of pinning course along with content ideas she has added best timings to pin you content to get maximum exposure it’s one of the best course you can get if many bloggers such as this one has posted positive review on this course.

Thank Those Who Repins A Lot

I know you are busy with your website but taking few minutes of your work in thanking can create a huge difference in your getting your intial repins don’t go on with all of them but notice who are doing repins frequently these are the users you need to take special care of thank them offer them something can also do wonders and look how they going to promote you for free. After all thanking someone isn’t going to cost you a penny so what the big deal GO ahead and use the power of thanking.

Don’t Forget To Add Description

I’ve seen a lot of people make this mistake they just pin images but they don’t add any description this might look a simple mistake but you are not utilizing pinterest effectively what you don’t know is that the pins are indexable so Google can easily crawl all your pins so if you have good description you can get search traffic aswell, so missing those search traffic just because lack of description is not wise thing to do. If you do add description the I recommend to keep it upto 50-100 words to get most out of it.

Make Some Friends on Pinterest

Many of you have hard times in getting good numbers of followers since you are pinning alone you can’t have much social power to gain powerful followers you can use this strategy first try to find someone who is relevant to your niche and has good number of follower try to sneek out way to contact them and ask for promoting your website but wait this seems to be too much straight forward and who wants to help a stranger before doing that you need to build relationship to that keep pinning their stuffs promote them to your followers and then contact smarty this way you have proven that you can be a good friend so in return they will help you too.