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Communication scheme
Telephone has been born one hundred years, but its development but never stop,


Web program development

Want to have to can management web site, the 

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Hello everyone my name is steven bodor i am from california, Today i want to share my personal story with you since from my childhood i wanted to do something different and internet has always amazed me i have studied from Chaffey College when i am not blogging you can find me in jungles yeah! i am a "jungle guy" and love nature that's why bear gryls is my favorite show you can find me collecting shark teeths, ancient bones of some animals and i have also deep passion for antiq items love collecting them, one i had sold me bike to buy elvis presley signed car bumpers. In the mean time i love to do nature photography you can also check my pinterest profile you can catch up with lots of wildlife animal pics taken at the right moment and let me tell it's not easy to capture them some of them i have taken by wearing some weird mass and dancing like mad i have an special friend name justin he too shares my photography passion but hates my blogging stuffs which i liked the most although i haven't owned a big blog yet but i believe sometime or later i will be the one rulling the blogosphere so stay alert bloggies make way for the king!.